21 February 2010

Damn this global warming

As I type this entry, snow is falling heavily in Dublin. Well, at least Blanchardstown as far as I can see and through reports on Facebook. Only about an hour ago, I was happily riding on my Vespa to get some groceries and some petrol to last me for my commute next week.

Damn you Global Warming!

Now, it looks like all that petrol is just going to have to sit in the tank for the next few days. The snow will also probably mean I'll have to pop over to the local Spar and get myself a 5-day bus pass. Even worse than the thought of having to endure public transport once again is the possibility of having to wake up at least an hour than I normally do.

A good-looking fella like me needs his beauty sleep you know.

Of the small minority that would welcome the snow are Search, Hujan and their entourage who I believe are somewhere between London and Liverpool at the moment. Presumably, like most Malaysians, they would have little or no experience with snow so, the whole thing would be as magical to them as it was to me when I first saw snow.

Here's wishing the two bands all the best for their last gig in the UK and hope they get the best of this weather without having to face its dreadful drawbacks.

To the rest of us plebes, spring can't come soon enough!

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