13 June 2010

Where were you in Istanbul?

I certainly know where I was but, that's a different story for another time. The stories that come out of that miraculous night in Istanbul just never ceases to amaze me. This one's about a mate's visit to the museum at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza or more commonly known as the San Siro.

I was shown the picture below and was surprised to see a Liverpool jersey displayed at the San Siro especially, in the Inter half of the museum. If it was at the Rossoneri end I'd understand but in the blue & black end?

It turns out, the embarrassment inflicted on Milan was too hard for them to bear after Istanbul, that they passed on the Liverpool jersey that was gifted to them to their co-habitants at the San Siro. The funny thing is, it still produces a smile (and the odd chuckle) from the Interista staff working at the museum every time they explain this oddity to visitors.

If you look closely, the jersey is actually from the later 2007 final in Athens but it still gives the same hurt (Milan) and cheer (Inter) anyway.

I suppose, it's good to know that Liverpool's win that night over five years ago doesn't bring joy to just Liverpool fans around the world.

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