17 June 2010

My Water Moments

This is my scooter. As you can see, it's pretty much a bog-standard Vespa. A PX125 to be exact. And, because it's standard, like most scooters, it travels on land. Mostly on tarmac, sometimes on gravel or even grass but somehow never on water. Or in it.

Maybe, if I had some sort of all-proof macho but at the same time, ultra-slim device, I'd be able to change that. Something like oh, let's just say...the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5.

No, the TX5 isn't some sort of new CNC-machined bolt-on addition to the PX's 123cc engine. It certainly wouldn't transform my humble scooter into one of those state-of-art non-submersible Scorpène class submarines (or would it? Hmmm...).

But, being water-proof, it would make it possible for me to snap pictures of my Vespa underwater(!) in the off-chance I ever fancied taking a ride at the bottom of that lake in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. OK, it'll probably need a larger flash (don't think that low-light environment thingy would be any good) to see through all the garbage at the bottom of that lake but you can't deny that it'd be a dead cert for Scootering magazine's centrefold. I'd be like a scootering hero. No, a legend. The Loch Ness Scooter.

People's grandkids would be talking about that picture this demented Malaysian dude once took on his scooter at the bottom of some murky lake.

I'd be so famous that Datukship awards would be flying in from every corner of the country. I'd be cutting ribbons to officially open yet another shopping centre in suburbia (probably at yet another place called Damansara something, something). I'd sit at high tables at complete strangers weddings. Even Harun Salim Bachik would want to be my friend and together, we'd rid the world of its troubles, ushering in a lengthy period of World Peace.

Sadly, if by some mysterious reason the powers-that-be decide that all this is not for me, they might just not hand me over that TX5, forever dooming us all to eternal damnation!


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