27 June 2010

The World Cup up to now

Right, I might get lynched for this but here goes...

Ireland should’ve gone to South Africa instead of France? Yeah, right. OK, from a strictly football perspective, Thierry Va Va Voom Henry (having visited Croke Park in the first leg), could’ve been confused between GAA and association football.

That game still had to go penalties and no matter how great Shay Given is, there was still no guarantee that Ireland would’ve won the shootout. Les Bleus were merely being good hosts by ensuring that the boys in green went home to bed as early as possible. God only knows how long a penalty shootout would’ve taken that night in Paris.

And, do the Irish squad think that they could ever, ever match Les Bleus’ performances in Le Meltdown? Yes, looking at the group France were in, Don Giovanni would’ve certainly fancied Ireland’s chances of making it past the first round but seriously, even Roy Keane’s tantrums in Saipan would’ve seemed mild compared to the antics of the Black, Blanc and errr...no Beurs?

Yes, strangely enough, Raymond Domenech (maybe not that strange since it came from Domenech) chose not to bring along any players of Arab/North African origin into the French squad. OK, he might not have thought that Raul’s pal on the sidelines, Karim Benzema would be sharp enough or that Hatem Ben Arfa was plainly a headcase but leaving out Samir Nasri?

The way I see it, if he’s got space in his squad for the likes of Djibril Cisse he’s got not excuse for not bringing along any of the above players. Maybe Sarkozy told him they weren’t French enough and that’s why Henry’s gone around to meet with him. Ooh la la!

In the end, Sepp Blatter got what he wanted, France in the World Cup, entertaining the world. They definitely did entertain us all. Yeah, try beating that Irlande!

Sticking with knocked-out footballing giants (coincidentally also in blue), the Italians must’ve boarded their plane of shame to Rome by now. With those two out of the way, the path is now clear for Inger-land to claim their rightful place at the top of the world (where they naturally belong of course) and bring football back to its rightful home.

Yes, after clearly beating the merde out of Slovakenia Slovekia some lesser-known Balkan country, England are once again set to strike fear into the hearts of all and sundry. How could they not? After all, they’re kitman had recently found a stash of their old Empire Red jersey that turns midgets like Jermaine Defoe into Emile Heskey. Eh?

Of course, they still have to beat this little-known nation called Germany while a host of smaller nations like say, Portugal, Argentina, Spain and the smallest of them all, Brazil lie in wait after. Easy. Why wait? Get 2010 England etched on to that trophy now!

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