11 June 2010

A trip to the mountains

The initial plan was to head to Clonmacnoise but driving for that length of time with kids in the car wasn't actually my cup of tea especially since I was still recovering from Rage Against the Machine's gig from a few nights ago. A closer-to-home option was preferred.

The Gateway

So, having turned back the clock musically (with Rage), I decided to do the same with a visit down to Glendalough which was last visited about ten years or so ago.

The Round Tower

The ancient monastic site was errr...as expected, unchanged from back then. Unfortunately, our visit there was cut short as the kids started to get scared being in what basically was a graveyard! Plan B was to pop over to a more child-friendly spot a quick drive up the R755, the Upper Lake.

Upper Lake, Glendalough

Some of the locals

Again, taking the trip as a Vespa run scouting trip, a detour was in order as we headed towards the Wicklow Gap (which included bits of the Braveheart Drive). Climbing up the mountains was a bit of a struggle even in the car while the return trip was a decent enough  downhill roller-coaster-type ride. I'd make sure that I get more torque on to that old Vespa as well as an upgrade to some good disc brakes, if I can afford it.

The view from half-way towards the Wicklow Gap

A few thousand miles south of all this, something more important just kicked-off, literally. Oh, yes. It's that event wives, partners and girlfriends the world over dread every four years. Enjoy the football people.

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