25 June 2010

Dental Appointment!

Had a visit to the dentist recently. Fortunately, I wasn't the one seeing the dentist. My daughter has had a horrible toothache for the past few days so, it was about time she went to see the dentist. I never liked seeing the dentist. I just don't like the idea of someone poking metal bits into my mouth especially when you're helplessly lying on a chair with a spotlight directly in your eyes.

Anyway, even though I wasn't the patient this time around, I was still reluctant enough to bring my own daughter to the dentist. I didn't have much of a choice though. It was either that or sitting in a car with two screaming boys for about an hour.

My dear wife, understanding that I needed some encouragement to overcome my fear of dentists (don't know where she got that idea from?) gave me a call as she waited for me in front of the dentist's place.

You'd better come here quick! There's a very nice Vespa parked in front of the dentist's place.

Really? What is it...?

At this point, I realised I wasn't going to get an accurate answer. Of course, my wife is never one to disappoint...

Errr...I dunno but it's blue and very pretty!

Obviously, it's not a classic Vespa. In fact, it's a 2010 LML. Almost brand new by the looks of it. Still very nice looking though. Like the wife said, very pretty.


I've always been put off the white wall tyres on a relatively new vehicle like the PX or LML or for that matter, any vehicle that was made after the 60's but for some reason, the white walls on this LML looked just right. I might just change my mind about getting white walls on my own not-so-classic Vespa.

The white wall tyres' reputation as pieces of rubber turds don't help either with their infamy. So, now determined to find some decent white walls (and change the world's views on these pieces of rubber), off I went to scour the world wide web for some decent white walls and to my surprise, I found these ones at the Scooter Center (there's a pull-down menu for the 3.50-10 version on the page).

I've been using Heidenau K58s for almost two years now and to date, I think it's the best tyres I've used. Seemingly, the Schwalbe Weathermans are equally as good (it better be at that price) so, that would have it in my good books for a start. Added to that, the fact that the tyres are tubeless makes it even more attractive as I'd finally be able to get some proper tyres for my yet to be used tubeless rims.

Now, if only some Nigerian general would lodge a ridiculous amount of cash into my bank account...

Oh, and the dentist appointment didn't turn out to be too bad either.

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