06 June 2011

Vespa PX: Black & White - An Update

I thought my boing, boing Vespa days were over when I had my dodgy old shocks replaced by a pair of brand new YSS shocks. The difference with the new shocks was amazing especially with the front one but only after a few weeks, the rear started to become problematic again.

I was quick to assume that the culprit was the rear tire but that was absolutely fine. After having a closer look, it was clear that the source of the issue was the barely two-week old rear shock. The shock had gone soft after only a few miles of normal commuting  i.e. no crazy off road stuff or for that matter giant potholes either (one of the advantages of having two heads of state visiting is that the roads around town get a bit of long overdue TLC).

A quick, short-term solution was to adjust the setting from its second slot to the second last slot which seems to have worked. Very stiff but at least I don't feel like what I can only describe as riding on patches of oil and grease all the time. Still, shocks like these shouldn't go soft that quickly so, I've gotten in touch with the Scooter Center to see what sort of reply they come up with. I'm hoping it's a good one and that the warranty that the shock came with actually means something.

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