10 June 2011

The Green Vespa, Now in White

Some of you (who arent't totally colour blind) might have noticed a slight change with the Green Vespa lately - well, since last night to be exact. Tired of the dark, old and seemingly oh-so-2009 colour scheme, I opted for something bright and white for a change while attempting to maintain the simple and clean look. And also because, I've been reliably informed that viewing a brown and green site on your computer isn't that great because colleagues at work can spot from a mile away that you're obviously not doing any work.

White in theory, is great because it looks more business-ey so, you stand a chance of getting away with taking a sneaky peek at this blog. It's either that or someone might think that you're glued to the Harakah Daily or the like...

Not the Green Vespa. Obviously, because it's not green

So no, the Green Vespa i.e. the scooter itself hasn't been resprayed white and is still in its two-tone green form. Actually, I wouldn't mind getting the old Vespa a respray but current priorities lie elsewhere. If only switching a Vespa's colour is as easy as switching a blog's colour scheme. The picture above is of another scooter (a rebadged LML by the look of it) by the way. Just thought I put it in to confuse the weak-minded beings out there.

Now that all this messing with Blogger templates is out of the way, I can finally focus on Liverpool's surprisingly early exploits with transfers this summer. I definitely won't be hearing any of those whiny complaints about the lack of transfer market activity this summer. And, just for that Monsieur Comolli and his team deserve a light pat on the back, Jordan Henderson or no Jordan Henderson.

Speaking of Liverpool's latest acquisition, I (along with thousands of Liverpool fans around the globe) were curious to see what more the man could actually offer to an already decent Liverpool midfield. So, off I went on one of my statistical player analysis. Will report back on the results as soon as they're ready. Until then, enjoy the site's new look and hopefully, it won't get you into trouble at work...

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