16 June 2011

The Minor Disaster That Is the Liverpool 2011/2012 Third Kit


Why not yellow? That hasn't been done for a couple of seasons now.

Why not green? Admittedly, it's not the most popular colour but at least it's not cyan or whatever shade of blue they insist on calling it to reassure Liverpool fans that it's not blue.

A nod to Liverpool's past they say? My foot. Sounds like a bleeding PR cover-up to me. Even if the intention was a nod to 1892, why didn't Adidas come out with a proper Blackburn-esque jersey? Why this half-baked, recycled Marseille design? Oh yes, to maximise profits by minimising design costs. Well, they'd have to start selling shirts first before they can make a profit and I'm certainly not buying along with a good bunch of other Liverpool fans out there.

L'OM or Liverpool?

Am I being petty with the choice of colour on a Liverpool shirt? To an extent, yes but this to me is more about the principle of the whole shirt design thing. It just says that Adidas are plain lazy. And to think I'd feel a bit sorry when Adidas gets replaced by Warrior next season (especially after they played a blinder by coming out with the amazing 2011/2012 away kit a couple of months ago). What a disappointment.

Liverpool 2011/2012 Third Kit pic: The LFC Official Online Store (just in case anyone gets confused as to which one's which)
Olympique de Marseille 2006/2007 Home Kit pic by: Edu and improved by Poke2001

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