08 June 2011

Vespa PX: Into the Sunset

I'm useless with cameras but with an iPhone in my pocket these days, I feel that I always stand a chance when it comes to taking decent pictures. With a camera, I'd imagine a picture in my mind and shoot but the end product is seldom to my liking. With an iPhone, I'd have to try really hard to make a balls of any picture.

The exact same thing happened when taking this picture. I was heading back home one evening- a journey that brought me west, straight into the setting sun. With no sunglasses or a tinted visor, I struggled with the glare and was about to complain about my luck when I realised that the whole setting would make a great picture. I picked a spot and slowly rolled my Vespa to the side a road, stepped off the scooter and snapped: Decent picture in an instant.

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