14 June 2011

Probably the Most Expensive Vespa Super Ever

As with most people, I have a tendency to wander aimlessly on the interweb with the hope of finding that piece of news/article/blog that just might keep me occupied for the next fifteen minutes or so. OK, maybe more if it's a really good one.

Earlier this week though, my exploration of the www actually had a purpose. I was on the hunt for a scootering bargain so, no internet auction site was left unsearched and no dealer website that was known to me was visited without having a browse through their Used section first. It's not that I actually had the money in the first place, it's just the overwhelming feeling that during these recessionary times, there might be someone out there who is worse off than I am, who could do without their scooter. The scoot for sale would ideally be one that had been lying idle like a living room ornament for the past 2-3 years. More of a Celtic Tiger accessory akin to a Louis Vuitton man-bag rather than an actual vehicle for transportation.

Yes, a find like that would suit me, if it came at the right price as I wouldn't feel like an opportunistic hyena taking it off someone's hands who actually needed the thing to get to work or to buy groceries for his/her granny on a regular basis.

So, it was while I was doing this (re)search that I came across this bargain of a find...

Click on the picture for a larger view
To those less eagle-eyed out there, you can click here to be brought to the page in question or if the page has already been pulled-down (I wouldn't be too surprised) or if you just couldn't be bothered, here's some details:

The scooter for sale is a "pre-loved" Vespa Super 150 which appears to have been less than faithfully restored going by the Piaggio-branded crashbars and the 10" wheel conversion (the Super came with the smaller 8" wheels as standard), to mention just a few. All that its lacking is some bright yellow stand boots to make it an infamous eBay special look-alike. Hmmm...

Even if it had been faithfully restored with all-NOS spares, nuts, bolts and all, there is still no justification for its whopping €7,000 price tag. Yes, that's €7,000 which is roughly USD$10,000 or just under GBP£6,200 or just over the very affordable price of RM30,000, at current exchange rates.

Maybe it's merely a page that was put up on the first day of April that Ducati forgot to take down or maybe, just maybe, underneath all that Italian steel and filler lies a Ducati Monster waiting to surprise its new owner. Maybe.

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