30 June 2011

Home and In Bray

This coming 16 July will be a historic date for all Malaysia-based Liverpool fans - Liverpool FC will be in town and it promises to be a brilliant occasion. Call it what you want but it's a win-win situation. Liverpool-starved Malaysian fans will finally be able to see their idols sweat it out in the equatorial humidity (or at least stand a chance of breathing the same jerebu-filled air as Gerrard, Carragher  and co.) while the club gets to spread its wings even further and re-affirm its commitment of sorts to the Malaysian market.

Back here in Ireland, we'll get the kids.

Not the kid above but the kids from Melwood and probably a few from the Academy as well. If  you haven't heard already, on 18 July, a Liverpool Select XI (that's what they were called the last time around to help sell tickets) will play against  League of Ireland's Bray Wanderers AFC

Will I go and watch the match?

I don't know. On one hand, it s a great chance to see the future of Liverpool play in front of my own eyes while on the other, it'll involve about an hour and a half round-trip to Bray on a Monday night. And that's before taking into account the torrential rain, thunder and lightning that'll probably come along in the second half.

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