24 June 2011

What Is This Thing Called Summer?

Some days the weather here makes me wonder, what is the Irish word for summer? Well, judging by the past few weeks, I wouldn't be surprised if the word was synonymous with rain. Or hail. Or something along the lines of getting your balls wet and half-frozen while your face is continuously pelted with God only knows what.

Today's Friday and like most Fridays in these summer months, I have the opportunity of cutting the day short on the condition that I had done the required number of hours for the week. This week I had surpassed that requirement by the end of Wednesday. Not surprisingly, an hour or so after lunch time today, I was raring to go. Then, I looked out the window.

Half an hour, I told myself. Half an hour and it'll all go away.

At the same time, there was a collective sigh from the far side of the office. Needing to stretch my legs, that was enough of an excuse for me to head down in that general direction.

This rain couldn't possibly last that long - I kept trying to convince myself while taking the few steps to the opposite end of the floor.

When I got there, three or four of my colleagues were already deep in conversation. They turned away from the computer screen that their eyes had previously been glued to (I gathered that it was rainfall radar) and looked at me with a look of sympathy. I knew then there was little chance of me staying dry on my journey home.

Oh, and before I confuse anyone, the Irish word for summer is actually Samradh. And yes, those are winter gloves you see in the picture above. Didn't think I'd be needing them in June.

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