09 April 2011

Vespa PX: Near Farmleigh

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day and it was an excuse to take the long (non-potholed) route home. Unfortunately, the day just didn't end too well. On the way home from a friend's place after the now usual weekly game of football, I struggled to control the Vespa and soon enough realised that there was a puncture in the rear tire. Again. Dammit.

Why do punctures and breakdowns normally happen at the worst possible times? In the middle of the night/in the small hours of the morning, on nights with freezing temperatures, in the middle of pouring rain but never, never on a bright, sunny and dry day. Maybe those days are just too good to be ruined by a puncture or a stuffed carb.

Anyway, this is the second time within the space of a few months that a puncture has happened to the same tire. Maybe it's a dodgy tire or maybe it's a dodgy rim. I hope to find out soon enough...

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