05 April 2011

The Green Vespa Gets a Logo

I've been corresponding with my bro-in-law via email recently and as usual, as we both share a common interest in classic scooters the topic was errr...classic scooters. I've always known that I've wanted a classic scooter for ages but it was this particular bro-in-law (I have five, the last time I checked) who inspired me to get one for myself. Anyway, our recent conversation revolved around creating a logo for the blog which could double as an airbrush/vinyl graphic for my Green Vespa (maybe on the legshield below the Vespa badge), whenever I decide to get it re-sprayed.

Having zero graphics skills (even my drawing of stickmen can be considered ugly), I fired on examples of what I like the logo to look like along with pages upon pages of commentary of how he could add or amend it to my tastes. After a few drafts we came up with a logo that we both agreed was cool. So, without any further ado, here it is:

SkuterHijau by Awoos

Some of you might have noticed it already as I've been playing around with the positioning of it on the blog page over the past day or so. I eventually settled on placing it on the right-hand corner of the main page but only because I can't get it into what I feel is the best home for it. I prefer if it was incorporated in the blog's title but because of my very limited IT skills, I haven't been able to do this.

Anybody out there care to give me a hand with this...?

Anyway, as for the logo itself, I hope it isn't taken too seriously. It's all tongue-in-cheek really. An ironic nod to the hard biker culture as the least scariest thing you'd see on the roads is a Vespa rider. Oh, and that black, bird-like creature that's in the background is meant to be a Liver bird. My way of showing my allegiance to Liverpool FC but with a slighly different interpretation of the standard Liver bird pose. Hope it's OK that way.

So, what do you out there think about it?

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