23 April 2011

It's A Trap!

I knew the minute I walked into the RDS' Shelbourne Hall that I was heading into a trap. Not actually an Admiral Ackbar-scale Imperial trap but sufficiently dangerous nevertheless.

Admiral Ackbar - not quite enjoying his retirement 

My beloved wife had willingly forked out €60 for a Family Pass to Invasion Dublin but as we should have known with these events, the outlay doesn't actually stop at that. Loads of tempting merchandise awaited us as soon as we walked into the exhibition hall and on my son's request, lightsabers were at the top of the list.

There definitely wasn't a shortage of them to choose from anyway. There were the really expensive movie replica ones down to the really horrible ones that resembled those  cheap glow sticks one might buy at an equally cheap and non-entertaining concert.

We eventually went with the in-between option which cost us the grand sum of €25. And, what great fun we've had with it. After letting my 4-year-old son have a go at it for a while, I took over. The combination of subtle blue lighting, the low hum as the saber is moved around as well as the electrical crackle, every time the saber touches something makes this toy just irresistible. Let me correct myself. It's not a toy. It's a time machine of some sort or an inter-dimensional doorway to fun!

It's no wonder one in five people in the UK believe that lightsabers do exist. I definitely wish someone would invent a real one...

The Hasbro lightsaber - highly recommended


wanluqman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wanluqman said...

I can assure this type of traps are everywhere, testing human resilient ... can't see SkuterHijau

Chip said...

Haha very true. SkuterHijau's a bit camera-shy but if you look closely into Admiral Ackbar's eye, you just might see him!

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