03 April 2011

Roy's Revenge

Through some dogged defending (which included man-handling Andy Carroll) and a good dollop of luck, Roy Hodgson's West Brom were successful in defeating Liverpool at the Hawthorns. Although clearly disappointed, I wasn't entirely surprised as it's been mentioned before and proved time and time again since, this - in a strange roundabout kind of way, just proves how unsuited the former manager is to Liverpool. Hope it goes well for him there...

Fortunately, to distract me from the weekend's defeat, I had a ready-made solution at hand. It came in the form of a rented movie - The Fighter. Catching the trailer on TV (or probably online) towards the end of last year, I was keen to catch the movie at the cinema on its release here in Ireland but for some reason, completely missed out on it then. Thinking that it was a type of Rocky with better acting, I was surprised to find out from female colleagues at work that although initially forced to watch the movie with their respective other halves, they too ended up enjoying the movie.

In short, the movie could be seen as a typical rags-to-riches type of movie but its sub-plots and the quality of the acting just brings it to another level altogether. My wife kept repeating Is that Batman? on seeing Christian Bale's portrayal of Dicky Eklund. Even Amy Adams, who was last seen by the two of us as the goody-two-shoes Giselle in Enchanted was a completely unrecognisable person in her role as "Irish" Micky Ward's supportive girlfriend.

Hopefully, I won't be needing more than the amount of good movies available before the football season comes to an end.

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