13 April 2011

Samba and Numbers

I was at the playground with the kids at the weekend and got bored. The eldest was playing with gravel at an unfinished section of the playground. Thousands of Euro worth of equipment in the playground proper and what excited my 8-year-old daughter the most was leftover construction materials. The youngest was trying to climb up slides and generally kept himself entertained. The middle child was the easiest to monitor - he was rooted to the sandbox and instead of building towering sand castles was digging himself a hole in the sand. He had watched a cartoon where one of the characters had dug himself all the way to Australia. He was trying to do the same.

I'd say if I'd left him there for a couple of more hours, he'd have got quite close. Maybe around Malaysia somewhere.

I was less productive. I played around with my mobile and managed to get a picture of my orange Adidas Sambas. Orange? Well, yes and for a mere €10 it could be in a fluorescent green and lilac colour way and I'd still wear it.

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