21 April 2011

Register Your Love

This might be ancient news to some but I honestly only found out about it a few weeks ago while browsing Liverpool's Official Online Store to catch a glimpse of the new 2011/2012 Away Kit. Like most people, I haven't seen it in the flesh just yet but from the pictures that have been doing the rounds online, the new kit definitely gets my vote as probably the best away kit the club have had in a very long time.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Contrary to what the post title might vaguely suggest, this entry isn't about signing-up for some online dating agency or publicly proclaiming your love for your wife in a rather awkward way on your Facebook wall (I'll leave that one at that). It's about getting something back for all the Liverpool goodies that you might have bought recently while at the same time helping the club somewhat in its quest to make more money. More money roughly translates to better players and better players means more trophies!

So, what is it exactly that I'm going on about here?

Well, I'm referring to the club's Official Hologram Registration initiative. As mentioned on the registration page, every official Liverpool product (except if it's below GBP£3) has a hologram attached to it, be it on the product itself (on the inside of jerseys, right beside the care instructions label) or on the packaging (as is the case with the couple of Liverpool socks that I bought on the cheap recently).

Like most things shiny, I'd presume the hologram itself would be hard to duplicate by those evil knock-off merchants. Also to make the life of those Golok-based "Grade A" sellers more miserable, each hologram comes with a unique identifying number (conveniently covered in the picture above - for obvious reasons). This code can be used to register your Liverpool product with the club and you are then entered into a draw to win goodies from the club or "fantastic Liverpool FC prizes". In exchange, the club gets your details and would be able to use this to gain a better understanding of its fans' demographics.

The only complaint I have about the whole thing is that its not more widely known among the fanbase (or maybe just the ones I hang out with). Maybe the club can do something and have the link moved to a more prominent area of the store site (the link currently sits buried in the bottom right-hand corner and like Jay Spearing, can be easily missed if you don't look carefully).

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