25 October 2010

The Green Vespa: Back and Better

After enjoying a day or so on my Vespa (which had been gone for almost 3 weeks before that), I've now managed to get some pics of some of the minor improvements that I've made since it was stuck at Carl's. I won't go into the details of what was wrong with the scooter in the first place. The list of things that needed done was as long as my arm!

A Sito Plus exhaust is now bolted on to the old thing to replace the rusted original PX exhaust which was on its last legs. I still haven't given the exhaust a proper chance to show me its abilities yet as I was mindful that my rear tyre was brand new and needed some time to run-in. Something to do with a special coating on the tyre that's there for storage reasons. I'll give it another few miles and then...

Here's the new tyre on the bling-bling new SIP tubeless rim. Personally, on top of the polished aluminium of the rim, I think the rounded (acorn-type?) nuts that come standard with the rims (rather than the standard M8 ones) just complete the whole look. Anyway, sorry about the daft pic but I couldn't be bothered with removing the spare wheel for a better view of the thing. I'll get a better pic as soon as I get the tyre on to the front rim.

Speaking of the front rim, it's obvious that one needs a bit of patience to get tires on to these rims, even with the right equipment at hand. The one I had for the front had its tubeless beading broken so, I've had to order a replacement for that one. Hopefully, I'd have that sorted out by the end of the week.

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