21 October 2010

Saved By the Bale

It must've been over a decade since I last looked forward to a match at club level more than I would a Liverpool match. I've had my eye on this match ever since the fixtures for the Champions League group stages were confirmed: Internazionale v. Tottenham Hotspur.

The match sees Rafa Benitez somewhat reunited with Harry Redknapp and the English media for the first time since being forced out of Liverpool in the summer. OK, so why is it that I was so looking forward to this match?

The reason is simple really. I wanted Inter to win. Not only that though, I wanted to see Rafa Benitez and his Inter squad systematically disassemble Harry Redknapp's Spurs like the rookies to Europe that they are. Put Redknapp in his place and all that, while in the process, show the English media (well, most of them anyway) how wrong they were in their almost xenophobic treatment of foreign managers (Benitez in particular) and their blind support for English managers (Redknapp and media darling, Hodgson specifically).

So, was it worth the wait?

Oh, yes. Within 2 minutes, Inter were one up and by half-time it was game over. Even the faithful in the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza fell strangely silent, satisfied with the opposing team's comprehensive destruction on the night, seeing no need to cheer on their own team any further. A sign of mercy perhaps to the battered, floored and demoralised Londoners. This doesn't include Bale of course, who had other plans towards the tail end of the night.

And what of Redknapp? Well, he did what he does best. Twitch endlessly on the sidelines.

Gracias señor Benítez. Gracias.

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