17 October 2010

Derby Day Blues

I put up my last post on Friday when about an hour after that, it was announced that NESV had officially acquired Liverpool. Good. At the very least, the club wasn't owned by the pair of cowboys any longer although, if reports are to be believed, we'll hear from them yet. As for the new owners, I have to say, I like their under-promise, over-deliver prudent style.

But, today is not supposed to be about all this ownership malarky. Today is derby day and with the ownership issues temporarily settled, it should be just about the football. Thankfully, it was just that but oddly, looking at the performance of Liverpool today, I was quietly hoping for some form of distraction from the pitch. Unfortunately for me, no distractions came along. None whatsoever.

As for the match itself, compared to the last couple of matches, the players did look like they pulled up their socks this time (minus one or two) but there's only so much the players can do when the club's manager appears as clueless as Cher Horowitz, only less pleasing on the eyes. A lot less pleasing. And, can anyone out there explain to me what's the story with Hodgson's broad smile at the end of the match? One for the cameras eh, Roy? 

Seriously, even if given time and Hodgson's tactics are actually properly implemented by the squad as intended, at the very best, Liverpool would just end up as a very, very mediocre footballing bunch. Wonder how that fits in with NESV's plans for Liverpool's world domination? Hmmm....

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