19 October 2010

Scooter Sightings: A Random October Weekend

A beautiful October day called for a visit to the city centre taking along the old camera with me. Well, the extra weight on the shoulder definitely didn't go to waste.

A gorgeous Vespa Sprint greeted me as I popped down the Ha'Penny Bridge to land on the north side of the city centre. I'd love one myself but personally, I'd do a Scooter and Service job on the Sprint if I ever get my hands on one. Not this particular one though, it'd be blasphemous to mess with this one.

Back on the south side, a nice looking Mk1 PX in Temple Bar was strategically located close to Temple Bar's weekly Food Market which the family and I took advantage of to grab a much needed quick bite. These are the types of things I miss about the city centre since moving to the 'burbs a few years ago.

Scooters parked in formation: Another nicely restored Mk1 PX, an ET2 and hidden way at the back, a scooter I once considered buying myself, an Aprilia Habana (or Mojito) Custom.

Coming towards the end of Wicklow Street, at the usual scooter sighting spot across from Tower Records was unsurprisingly, a few scooters. One of them in particular, had my full attention. I was rushing towards it to snap a pic, thinking it was a Rally or a TS (from the look of its side panels) but then, I realised that it had indicators, an awkwardly shaped glovebox, a strange-looking horncast area and a handlebar that was all wrong, for a Vespa that is.

A Bajaj. I don't get to see lots of these around these parts. Not ones that proudly announce its Babaj-ness anyway, most being unconvincingly converted to Vespa look-a-likes by their owners. Same goes with LMLs that tend to suffer the same fate. The question here is, why? Why?

Anyway, it was a good day out with the family. It's good to see some lovely scooters especially since I've been off my own Vespa for exactly two whole weeks now. Two very long weeks. Here's hoping that my misery ends sooner rather than later...

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