29 January 2011

Torres, Suarez and Transfer Requests

Friday was a weird day. It started off with news that Chelsea had put in an offer in the region of £30m-£40m for Fernando Torres which was duly rejected by Liverpool. The day continued with all sorts of speculation about where Torres wants, needs or should be. There was nothing new with all this except that this time, it was that bit more frustrating. There just doesn't seem to be more than a few days of quiet time when you're a Liverpool supporter, is there?

Then, as it was approaching the end of the working day, up pops an official statement on the Liverpool site: Reds Agree Suarez Deal. Brilliant. That should sort out the support striker problem as well as keep the current main one happy. For the moment, at least. And, it did seem like it was only a brief few moments when the site released another statement. There was no need to read the whole thing. All that mattered was the name and the phrase accompanying it: Torres and transfer request. The fact that the request was immediately rejected didn't matter, a request had been made by Liverpool's very own Number 9 and that was all that mattered.

The whole thing just didn't sit well especially when things were only starting to look better at the club. It just wasn't a Torres thing to do anyway. Or, maybe it is. What is going on here? My kids know the Torres song by heart and sing it as well as any nursery rhyme or non-rhyming Barney the Dinosaur song. What will they sing if he goes? Dammit...

C'est la vie, I suppose and as in life, what goes around eventually comes around.

Apparently, most if not all of the details will be revealed on Monday when a press conference has already been pre-scheduled ahead of the match against Stoke. Here's hoping it's nothing but good news.

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