23 January 2011

The Meireles Show at the Molineux

Maybe I was clutching at straws but knowing that Mick McCarthy played most of his first team in Wolves' FA Cup encounter against Doncaster seemed to me like good news. My logic was simple: having a whole week's rest ahead of the game, Liverpool would have an advantage over their opponents. A slight advantage but an advantage nevertheless. Of course, there was the little fact that Wolves actually thumped Doncaster in those few days an were obviously on a high. Yes, one might say that was only Doncaster, but so was Northampton, only Northampton at one stage.

To summarise it in two words, cautiously confident. That was the attitude going into the game and within a couple of minutes, it was clear that Liverpool had thrown away the "cautiously" in its approach and had a right go at Wolves with some very neat passing around the pitch. The ball was kept on the floor while the players moved around, constantly on the look out for space. It wasn't Barcelona-type movement (not yet anyway!) but it was certainly pass and move with tonnes of pressure from the front. Liverpool's players who you could say, were the more technical of the players on the pitch, enjoyed the possession and grew in confidence with every completed pass especially Fernando Torres who took full advantage of it and did what he does best, score goals.

After the break, Liverpool continued in the same vein and the quality of their play was rewarded with a sweetly struck goal by Raul Meireles. Of course, having a two-goal margin, Liverpool naturally slipped into the comfort zone and allowed Wolves to have a go at them. Former Liverpool winger, Adam Hammill was introduced with 20 minutes remaining and provided Wolves with some much needed supply for their front two causing some nervous moments at the back. Dalglish though, made his own substitution at the same time and replaced the tiring Christian Poulsen with Jonjo Shelvey who provided Liverpool with a fresh pair of legs as well as some much needed urgency in the centre. The substitution almost provided Liverpool with an instantaneous result but the young Shelvey didn't have enough time and space to compose himself to score Liverpool's third that afternoon.

That honour went to Torres who was handed the opportunity on a plate after some good work by Dirk Kuyt who had drifted into the 18-yard box from his position on the right. Three goals, three points and most importantly, the club's first clean sheet in the League after about six games. A confidence-boosting win that will hopefully, get Liverpool on a winning run especially, with two home games coming up.

Hopefully, I'd be attending the first of those two games...

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