17 January 2011

First Point Under Kenny

And, may there be a hell lot more to come. At half-time, I was delighted that Liverpool were one up and managed to squeeze in some much needed lunch. Then, the second half came along and Everton almost floored the Reds by handing them a quick one-two combo.

But, on Sunday afternoon Anfield was Anfield again especially after such an amazing rendition of YNWA by the Kop at the start, none of the players had an excuse not to remain standing and fight for another goal or two.

At the end of the day, it wasn't the best result but a point is a point and this one was certainly a hard-earned one. Hopefully, this morale-boosting result (I wanted to say win as it certainly felt like one) and an added full week under Dalgslih's coaching team would do the team a lot of good for our next match, away at the Molineux this coming weekend.

It's bound to be a tough one by this season's standards...

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