16 March 2011

Vespa PX: Blackpitts

I was heading towards my usual spot for lunch when I turned back and took another look at my Vespa, just to make sure it was secure. I could have dragged out a decent lock and chain combo that was buried in my glovebox but a big plate of lamb biryani was about to get cold so, I quickly concluded that it was safe enough to leave it as is.

Other than that, I've nothing much else to report. I was going to do a write-up about Liverpool's return leg against Braga but I soon realised that I had my days mixed-up. That's going on tomorrow night (damn you Europa League and your Thursday nights!). I was going to complain that my scooter's rear wheel hasn't actually felt like the most stable thing on Earth after the last puncture but, considering other people are going through far worse situations (think earthquake, tsunamis and now snow), it all just seemed irrelevant.

The best of wishes to those affected in Japan and the Pacific. Hopefully, the worst of it is now over...

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