06 March 2011

Kenny's Perfect Birthday Gift

I took a glance at the car's clock on the dash. More out of habit than actually needing to check the time. I knew I was already late at that stage. It read 13:37 in bright orange just in case I had any doubts. 7 whole minutes had passed since kick-off at Anfield earlier today and I was still sitting in my car in a parking lot that seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere.

As I was about to doze off like my son who was sat in the seat behind me, there were two quick taps on the car's window. By the time I could figure out who it was, my two other kids had planted themselves in the backseats and my wife was looking straight at me with a look of urgency in her eyes.

So, what's the plan? You taking us home and getting the Vespa to Tyrellstown?

My wife didn't have to be a Liverpool fan to know the importance of the next few minutes. All that she needed to know was that it was Liverpool versus Manchester United and more importantly, her husband had sacrificed some very precious minutes to keep a promise to their children.

15 minutes later, I was at the front of the Thirsty Bull, locking up my Vespa and hurriedly making my way into the pub. The double doors swung open and I was met with a full pub that was staring straight through me. I soon realised that I was blocking the view of one of the many big screen TVs that was in the place. The game was definitely going on but the crowd that I was facing was a bit subdued. Walking out of the way, I checked the scoreline: Two up to Liverpool. Great, and with a beaming smile on my face I looked around to share the happiness. It was then that I noticed that I was in the wrong end of the pub so, I quickly made my way to safer areas.

After finding my mates and catching-up on the details of the goals, with Suarez's run past Rafael, Carrick and Brown being the main talking point (oh so understandably), my full attention was on the TV a few feet away from where we were standing.

It's probably a bit unfortunate for Nani that the Oscars are out of the way or else the Academy might have some thinking to do in selecting Collin Firth as their Best Actor. Seriously, it was a complete performance by the Jacko (circa Thriller) lookalike. There was some action in the performance (he does his own stunts, I'll have you know) while the tears (yes, tears!) that accompanied the desperate pleading and begging were switched on right on cue. I was actually quite embarrassed for the player.

WWE-stuff aside, there was a football match to be played and Liverpool, having a two-goal margin allowed United to come back into the game but they never looked like they could seriously threaten Liverpool's lead. So, it came as no surprise when Dirk Kuyt's third tap-in came along 20 minutes after the break. Following the goal, it was more of a procession towards the referee's final whistle. Andy Carroll was introduced and the Kop showed its appreciation, belting out Happy Birthday to celebrate Dalglish's 60th birthday on the Friday just passed.

Happy Birthday King Kenny. May we have more days like this coming our way!

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