20 March 2011

Red Light

It's so very typical isn't it? I stay glued to the telly (or in my case the laptop) for every minute of the match but, the few minutes that I was away from it, Liverpool get a goal via a fortunate penalty decision. Ah well, at least it was good news. I was back from collecting the kids from their weekend activities, in time for the start of the second half.

Yes, Liverpool did end up winning the match but it was just one of those matches where it's all very nervy and if the opposition get a goal, it could potentially even end up with three points lost. Indeed, it's probably more the after taste of the Braga game that's effecting my view on things . Thankfully, there was a ready-made cure for such pessimism - Luis Suarez's presence alone demanded that Liverpool keep the ball on the floor and play some decent football.

But whatever about the team's performance, Suarez's goal was just brilliant. Watching the odd La Liga or Serie A game, I've always wondered why strikers from the Continent and South America try for the near post (instead of pulling it back for the on running player or aiming for the far post by bending it around the keeper a la vintage Michael Owen) every time they're faced with the opposition keeper. Well, if there are any doubts about the approach, Suarez certainly showed why it's done the way it's done.

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