30 March 2011

Ireland v. Uruguay: No Suarez But Uruguay Still Entertain

Right number, wrong person. Cavani scored a goal nevertheless.

Yes, Luis Suarez wasn't going to be involved in the mid-week international friendly between Ireland and Uruguay last night but we managed to get our hands on cheap tickets (thanks Dan!) and that alone made the match worth watching. Something the FAI conveniently chose to ignore when initially pricing Ireland's football matches. Nothing worse than a half empty, spanking new stadium so, it was good to know that they've now decided to scrap the mindless match bundling ticket arrangements and lower prices a wee bit.

Thankfully, the quality of entertainment on the pitch and even off it (the crowds constantly messing with the stewards for custody over the match balls) was just about enough to make up for the low attendance. Uruguay didn't disappoint as they fielded their First XI (minus the recuperating Suarez) which starred in their semi-final appearance in the recent World Cup. And, the quality was evident. It was there for all to see why they made it to the final four. The final 3-2 scoreline is certainly deceiving since Uruguay clearly took their feet off the pedal after scoring their third goal.

In fairness to Ireland, Trapattoni did field a largely young squad and one would certainly need the help of the match program to name the starting XI. Young or old, the Irish players certainly put in the effort and were rewarded with two goals - the first from simply effective open play while the second came from some hard work which eventually led to a penalty. It would only do the young players good to be playing against quality opposition such as Uruguay and previously, Argentina.

Oh, and this dude certainly made himself useful.

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