14 March 2011

The Irish Motorbike and Scooter Show 2011: The Rest

Having seen everything we could in the indoor exhibition area, we listened to our tummies grumbling and followed the smell of food to the outdoor exhibition area. Seeing that there was some more interesting things to see outside, we decided to walk around the place before satisfying our hunger.

All the standard fare was there. There was some Mini Moto racing going on (presumably for the kids?), the suicidal Wall of Death (an extra fiver which we opted not to do away with), a train how to do a wheelie thingy and my personal favourite, the Evel Knievel exhibition. Having ignored the growing crowd near the dirt track, we realised that we had missed Mai-Lin a top female streetstyle stunt rider. Not wanting to miss out on the next show, we decided to hang around the place for whatever came up next.

Our perseverance was in a way, paid off as some motorbike drag racing was up next. I knew it wasn't going to get comfortable when even hardened old bikers stuffed earplugs into their ears. It was definitely a first for me and like watching a game a cricket, I came away thinking I enjoyed the whole spectacle but never fully understanding the point to the whole thing. Ah well. We decided there was no better way to get rid of the smell of exhaust fumes and burnt rubber that lingered in our mouths than some greasy chips.

After some very sticky cheese fries, we headed out and right there parked amongst all the anabolic steroid pumped equivalent of bikes in chrome and carbon fibre, I noticed this old metal and mostly plastic thing. Arguably, the greatest one of them all (bar the Vespa, of course) and Asia's workhorse, the oh-so humble Honda Cub. What a way to remind us all that outside of the Motorbike Show, the real world awaited us.

Now, that's a proper bike. Respect.

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