07 September 2010

Where Have All the Good Stands Gone?

What is it with bicycles these days? 

I mean, whatever happened to the good old bicycle stand? Are they so aerodynamic these days that the manufacturers couldn't let a side stand ruin its design? Maybe their owners are too skint to add stands to their bikes after spending a fortune on fluorescent lycra? Maybe its way un-cool to have bikes fitted with stands? Yeah, because its way cooler to have them lying on the ground like an unwanted piece of flat-packed Ikea furniture. 

The world of stand-less bicycles

Seriously, what's the story here? Was some sort of bicycle stand tax introduced? Please, can anyone tell me why the change of heart with stands in the past few years? Why?

Is there something normal people on other two-wheeled contraptions are missing (particularly of the internal combustion engine variety)?

Walking around Dublin one would see bikes just thrown all over the place. Leaning on other people's properties, tied to sign posts, strapped to traffic lights, discarded on the ground, etc. etc. But, what annoys me the most is when their stupid owners conveniently lean them on my Vespa, as if it was their birthright, ruining the paint on the side panels.

What shall I do with these types of people and their bikes? Hmmm...

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