29 September 2010

The Right Man for the Job?

I came across this article by Dion Fanning and couldn't agree more with his words, especially these ones...

The destruction of England's most successful club is not Hodgson's fault. But he is not the man to create the illusion on the field that it's not happening.

Benitez's achievement in keeping Liverpool competitive while Hicks and Gillett destroyed the club for all but his final season is now looking even more remarkable as things enter a vital endgame.

A classic case of You Don't Know What You're Missing Until It's Gone, isn't it? The timing of the article was also quite appropriate when in the same week, the blame for Liverpool's current woes were placed solely on the head of Benitez.

On the other hand, it was strange to hear from a host of British managers like Alex Ferguson, Sam Allardyce and Steve Bruce who all insisted that Hodgson is the right man for the job. Maybe they should clarify a bit more what they all meant by right man. At this stage, their right man definition appears to be of Liverpool manager that doesn't bruise their collective egos. Great for them of course, but where does that leave Liverpool?

Admittedly, its a little unfair to criticise Hodgson at such an early stage of the season but Liverpool's worst start since the 1950's isn't actually reassuring for a manager who was supposed to steady the ship. Ah, maybe the said ship has a lot more leaks than initially expected, eh?

Well, here's one way you can help plug two of the bigger holes in that ship. I'm off to do my part and send my own email.


Ian Yee said...

Hey Chip. Another good post, this. The more you speak on this subject, the more I realise how wrong I was about Benitez/Hodgson - as if the results aren't proof enough at the moment. Maybe the feel-good, nice guy factor was all Hogdson ever really had, and even that doesn't last when results aren't going your way...

You mind if I copied and posted this on our blog/website? I'll credit you, of course. It would make a good talking point.

Keep the awesome posts coming.

Chip said...

Hi Ian,

No, I don't think you were entirely wrong but I suppose, one needs to understand what Benitez did for the club at all levels to really understand the man's worth. Unfortunately, to do that, one would need to be obsessed with all things Liverpool which I suspect you're not too keen on given your current allegiances ;)

As for the link, no problem whatsoever and thanks for the comments!

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