15 September 2010

The 100 Penulis Collective

Right, not content with publishing my rants on my own little space on the interweb, I've now decided to expand my horizons and join a group of Malaysian bloggers who have set-up a blog called 100penulis or in English, 100 Writers. The url suggests that it's a site with mainly Malay content and that is the case, although posts written in English are completely acceptable.

The idea of 100penulis is simple. Sign-up and you become one of the one hundred writers who contribute their own entries to the blog. The idea is especially useful if you don't have the time to regularly maintain your own blog but still want to do some writing on a sort of part-time basis. At the moment, there aren't any restrictions on promoting one's own blog so, I'd say a majority of people who sign-up have that in mind and unashamedly plaster their posts with links back to their own blog. Not a bad idea since you'll be exposing your blog to at least another one hundred souls on the www.

Personally, the main reason I signed-up was that I saw 100penulis as a little side project. The side project would involve that I Go Native and write in Malay, for a change. And, as I have babbled on quite a bit here about scooters, my Vespa and Liverpool FC, I'll only be writing about stuff other than those topics on my 100penulis space. I've made two entries at this stage so, we'll see how things go there...

Oh yes, if you're interested, there's about 10 or so spaces left before the site reaches its one hundred target.


Fina Sophie said...


hi chip. nice entry. by the way i believe that this is my first time being here in your blog, so yeah, HI! XD

Chip said...

Hey Fina...thanks for dropping by and hopefully it wont be your first AND last visit :)

amira said...


yep.. this is the place that we can expand our horizon but the interesting part is that different people got different ideas in their life and they share it there..

and.. Hi,

Latest entry: perempuan maintenance tinggi?

wanie m'nJ said...

hai..salam singgah dari salah sorang editor 100 penulis..
jom la setelkan esaimen 6 moh!

latest entri : gagapmana-adahaha

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