05 September 2010

Vespa Grants Superpowers

When I first decided that I wanted a Vespa, I merely thought it was another form of transportation with a lawnmower-sized engine and two tiny wheels that just happened to look good. Little was I to know that the Vespa actually grants its rider superpowers.

Really? No.

But, it certainly feels like it on some days.

I live very near a huge retail park/humongous shopping centre which on certain days can seem like the centre of the universe. As one might expect, traffic jams around these parts can be quite epic especially near month ends or Christmas. It got to a stage where if we ran out of food, we'd choose to starve rather than get in the car and spend hours in traffic just to get a bottle of milk or a loaf of bread.

Not since I got the Vespa of course. Super fast milk-buying powers in an instant. Like the Flash, only on two wheels. And green. And errr... a bit fat.

Anyway, it looks like this superpower-granting ability (or more accurately, two-stroke fume induced hallucinations) isn't limited to just me either. Folks in the US have spotted a duo on a Vespa going all vigilante on a smash and grab thief. Wonder whether they'd be keen on joining forces to rid Malaysia of the handbag-grabbing rempit scourge that's been plaguing the country of late...

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