20 February 2011

Coffee Break

It must've been a couple of weeks ago when I had planned to meet up with my wife in the city centre. I remember having work to do at the office that weekend while she had a prior commitment with the kids and her friends. Thankfully, we had two modes of transportation one of which I preferred more than the other so, that arrangement was sorted out as soon as it was brought up.

Later that day, I headed over to Grafton Street where we had planned to meet up but my wife was delayed. It wasn't her fault. One of her friends had delayed her. I just don't understand people who aren't punctual. No, actually I hate people who aren't punctual. It not only proves that a person is incapable of keeping their promises but also shows a deep lack of respect to the other person.

The good thing is, the delay allowed me to take it easy and get away from the hustle and bustle of Grafton Street. Leaving the Vespa parked near the Dublin Tourism office on Suffolk Street, I walked towards Dawson Street with either Hodges Figgis or Waterstones as my destination. Waterstones unfortunately, is now closed. It's quite sad when a book store closes down but it's even sadder when the stores are closed and then replaced by yet another mindless "fashion" retail outlet. A real insult. I remember when Borders closed down in Blanchardstown's West End, it actually felt like all form of intelligence around the area went away with it as well. With Trinity College close by, the same shouldn't happen to the area I was visiting but, you never know...

A nice, relaxing mug of Caramel Macchiato later, the mobile rang. My wife was already in the city centre with three kids asleep in the car that needed to be moved, one way or another.There was no way she was going to be able to do it by herself. It was time I left my little quiet spot and headed back out into the big, bad world. 

If only all delays could end up this way.

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