14 February 2011

Beauty and the Beast

But which one's which?

I snapped the above picture just yesterday afternoon when the weather was absolutely brilliant. It was still around 10-12 degrees celcius but the fact that the sun was shining (oh, that's what that orange orb in the sky is...) and it wasn't wet made all the difference.

But, rather than enjoy the good weather doing something enjoyable, I spent half the day cleaning up the car which was beginning to look (and smell) like a toxic waste dump after being savagedly assaulted by three sweet kids and almost a year of neglect. At the end of the task, I had filled a medium-size garbage bag with God only knows what and a vacuum cleaner that was on the verge of choking itself to death with the amount of dust that had accumulated in the car.

The Vespa was up next for a little bit of TLC. Although entirely kid-free, it has had its fair share of neglect as well. Dust, grit and salt was now even more visible on the Vespa especially on the underside of the frame. Scary, when there's already a hint of surface rust there that could easily eat away at the metal body. Other than some recently sprayed parts, the scooter's frame still has its original paint on so, being more than a decade old, that might need a re-spray soon. But, as finances don't allow for such a relatively grandiose project at the moment,  a quick, short-term solution would be the best way to go.

Thankfully, some aviation-grade corrosion protection called ACF 50 seems to be all the rage in the scootering world these days. Scootering magazine, in its latest issue has given the spray a thumbs up. It's little experiment on the spray, using a wire brush as a test subject was certainly impressive. Quoted at GBP£14 on various online sites (probably double that in local shops!), it certainly isn't cheap but if it does what it says on the aerosol can, it would certainly be worth it.

In the meantime, I'll invest a couple of Euro first to get my hands on a nearby jetwash for the Vespa.

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