28 February 2011

Smelly Armpits and Fallen Angels

I was going to put a Shaolin/kung fu-esque spin on the end of Liverpool's 8-match unbeaten run to West Ham on Sunday (something to do wth overcoming suffering and bitterness which nurtures success and what not) but then, remembering that my only exposure to anything remotely connected to the Shaolin monks was through watching movies like Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, I decided to stick to matters which I understood in a bit more depth.

I accidentally came across a series of ads and short videos on YouTube which I enjoyed (Volkswagen's mini Darth Vader ad has to be one of the best in recent times) so, while still glued to the sofa, I decided to turn my attention from the telly to the computer. I had seen Lynx's latest ads on billboards around town and was curious as to what the deodorant company was up to this time. A quick search on YouTube revealed their latest TV ad...

I've always liked Lynx's ads especially since its ads constantly push the boundaries of PC-ness (and the odd time, even go way past it). This particular ad though, I'm not too fond of. But why? Isn't it the same as all the other witty male chauvinistic ads?

Well, yes and no. While Lynx ads have always (ever so slightly) exaggerated the effect their products have on the opposite sex, they've never actually lied in their ads, until this one that is. Watch closely and you'll notice that the protagonist's vehicle of choice: a white Vespa PX complete with Utah side panel trim (very much like yours truly's Green Vespa). In truth, it is the Vespa that attracts the supermodel-like angels here (the smell of Putoline's Strawberry scented 2-stroke oil probably helps) and NOT the Lynx.

Anyway, while I was on YouTube, here's another Vespa-related clip:

Hmmm...wonder whether I could pull off Clooney's stab at imitating Tokyo Drift on a Vespa? Oh, and that white Vespa that Clooney's riding. Isn't that the same one as in the Lynx ad?

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