18 February 2011

LFC? Not Exactly

Snapped in the middle of Liverpool city centre. Obviously, not the LFC's official superstore. Ian Ayre pushing it too far perhaps?

Anway, I'd like to apologise for this lame attempt at an entry. I was going to write about some sort of correlation between the unpopular David N'Gog and the now-so-popular Lucas. Like the young Brazilian, I believe N'Gog doesn't deserve some of the harsh criticism that he gets from pundits, "experts" and a significant number of Liverpool fans.

But, not tonight.

Tonight, I feel sick. No, not because I've got some sort of viral infection or have the dreaded flu. Nor is it because, of some dodgy chicken tandoori that was served at an acquaintance's party. I feel sick because of my own doing.

I spun my kids around. For a couple of minutes between the three of them. Not a good idea when I've just had quite a heavy dinner. The kids had fun though. The youngest could barely walk around the room properly for a while. And now, I can barely look at my laptop's screen without feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Sorry, David. Your defence will just have to wait.

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