16 December 2010

Plan A (for Anfield)

Just over 24 hours to go to my long-awaited return to Anfield. Seeing that its a packaged trip, there wasn't that much to do except to print off the booking confirmation and make sure we turned-up in time to wherever we had to turn-up to. Easier said than done.

The plan is simple: get the early morning ferry from Dublin to Holyhead and from there, travel by coach to Liverpool, presumably direct to Anfield where we would be arriving about an hour before kick-off. Just enough time to grab a bite, snap some pics and spend some cash on souvenirs.

The only problem with the plan is the impending snow showers. The words from Met Eireann weren't actually too encouraging...

A second more significant snow event is expected to occur during Friday afternoon, Friday night and for a time on Saturday. A band of heavy snow is expected to spread across the country from the west and northwest. Further totals of 10-15cm possible, with all areas at risk. 

When I mentioned this concern to a colleague of mine at work, he just laughed and when I thought of it from his point of view, it made sense - the Irish Sea wasn't at risk of freezing over anytime soon so, my journey by sea should be fine. The gale force winds would make the journey slightly uncomfortable but, that was the least of my worries.

The main problem was getting ourselves to the ferry terminal at Dublin Port in the small hours of Saturday morning when the roads could be impassable and too hazardous because of the ice and snow. Then, even if we did make our way safely to the ferry, there was always a chance that we wouldn't be able to escape the same hazardous conditions in Wales.

Of course, desperate to make it back to Anfield after such a long time (the first time for the two guys accompanying me), all sorts of contingency plans were made covering everything from the unavailability of taxis to the suitability of Nasi Lemak on a potentially rough journey. There wasn't only Plan B as back-up, there were also Plans C to probably Z to make sure we made it to Anfield on Saturday. You certainly couldn't blame us for not putting in the effort, eh?

Anyway, do wish us three the best of luck. We'll definitely be needing it.


azwazis said...

eh...apsal tak naik flight wei?

Chip said...

Flight mahal lah bro. Plus, nie package deal so, kitorang just grabbed it lah.

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