20 December 2010

Distracted in December

Still gutted by the events of the weekend just past, I decided that I needed some sort of distraction to keep my mind off it. Normally, a nice long ride on the Vespa would do me some good but, in the weather that I find myself in, I doubt that doing so would be a wise option.

Being a cheap old fella, I decided to go with the least expensive option or more specifically, the one that cost me nothing, a free book. Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest to be exact. A good, easy read that's broken-up into a few short stories. Not good, when halfway through the book, I had to visit my daughter's school at night when there's basically no one around.

The fact that the school looks as if it came straight out of a Stoker book doesn't help either. Yes, although the school does have that magical Hogwarts feel to it, I was also half-expecting a priest to be flung to his death from a second floor window or impaled by a stray cast iron rod while taking a walk around the school's grounds.

There's nothing like a good book to let the imagination run a bit wilder than normal. It certainly kept me distracted for a good while...

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