18 November 2010

Capturing the Action

Catalogues lying idle around the house can be a dangerous thing. They're bad enough for adults (e.g. the SIP catalgoue) never mind the kids especially when the catalogue has lots and lots of toys in it. OK, they're not bad for the kids, just bad for the kids' Dad who has to fork out the money to buy the latest and greatest toys. My kids however, will learn that all they're ever going to get off me are Lego bricks (to stimulate the brain and to cause Daddy a world of pain when he steps on one when he rolls out of bed) and maybe, just maybe, a Chicco Vespa. Not the Peg-Pérego one that runs on batteries and is designed for fat kids who are prone to asthma attacks the minute they realise that they have to push themselves to move forward.

Yes, I secretly want a Peg-Pérego for myself but given the price, I just couldn't justify it to myself (or more importantly, my wife).

The same goes for another boy-toy I've been eyeing for a while, the GoPro video camera. The USD price listed on its site was already expensive to start off with but given that the Euro is (theoretically) stronger than the Dollar, I was sort of half-hoping that it would be slightly cheaper over here. Well, my hopes were completely dashed when I found out that it retails at just a cent shy of €350 in Dublin. Looks like I won't be getting that one anytime soon.

But, what I might realistically be getting is the GroPro's cheap and cheerful alternative. Yes, having catalogues around the house has its positives - I wouldn't have found this alternative if the latest Argos catalogue wasn't a permanent feature in my household, lurking around the dining table, ready to pounce on its unsuspecting victims.

OK, the so-called Action Camera might not have many of the qualities of the GoPro (HD video, sophisticated attachment options and bombproof build quality, to name a few)  but at €60, I'd say its worth a punt. Plus, its not like I'll be going down dirt tracks or be doing any acrobatic stunts on my Vespa anyime soon. All I need is a video camera to capture and then share the scenery (and hopefully some of the feel as well) when I go out on rides, be it alone or with others.

Will be post an update as soon as I have €60 to spare in the near-future...


anyss said...

saya gak gila nak beli kamera dslr tapi...tak mampu kot. ada yang kompak pun cukuplahhhhh

Chip said...

Kompak cukup kot anyss untuk amatur macam kita ni. Beli mahal-mahal kalau tak reti fully utilise pun apa guna kan?

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