24 November 2010

Being Ewan McGregor

Like Ewan McGregor and more accurately, Jean-Yves Pignant, I want to jump on my Vespa and go on an adventure to the ends of the world. It doesn't matter where or when, just as long as it's somewhere far away and the weather is half-decent. But, unlike Ewan McGregor, my 15 minutes of fame was more like 15 seconds. My life as a child-model/actor/singer was cut short by the time puberty creeped in. Naturally, I don't have vast amount of resources to call upon to raise funds for a journey of McGregor-Boorman proportions. I can barely afford spare parts for my own Vespa.

So, rather than travel to places in Central Asia or Africa, I sit at home, content that at least, I do get to clock-up some miles on my Vespa through my daily commute.

Unfortunately, I feel that life has different plans for me. While nosily looking around my other half's Facebook account, I noticed a link to this article in Malaysia's New Straits Times and found out about Syed Hadi's epic journey. In short, Hadi got on his kapcai (that's Malaysian for small bike - likely derived from the legendary Honda Cub) and decided to ride all the way from Malaysia to the UK, with minimal sponsorship and a vague of idea of vehicle laws in the places enroute.

Yes, I do realise that something like what Hadi did had been done before but this fella appears to be like any other man on the street AND more importantly is Malaysian. The way I see it, if he can do it, surely the thousands out there like me stand a chance of at least heading out of the countries we live in.


Image by Khaosaming

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