06 January 2010

Still snowing, still Ryan

Took the day off work today. There wasn't much to do anyway so, I'd better save myself from this horrid weather. I'd swear my ears were on the verge of falling off while waiting for the bus yesterday. I've been off the Vespa since Xmas and it's not fun. Public transport is a pain and the car's not much better either.

I had an inkling the weather would get worse. It definitely did. The pic below was taken at mid-day today. Looks like it'll be another while before I'm back on two wheels anyway.

Without sounding like an OAP, I haven't seen weather as bad as this for at least 10 years.

Elsewhere, it seems like Liverpool have rejected a GBP9m bid from Birmingham for the all-whining Ryan Babel. The reports suggest that it was Babel himself who rejected the move as he insists on  playing for a Champions League club. Great Ryan, try Unirea Urziceni instead.

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