19 January 2010

Buses bad. Scooter good.

Back on the scooter this week and it's been brilliant! What used to be a 3-hour daily commute on the bus to and back from work is now cut short to just under an hour. That's an extra 2 hours of my life saved a day. Or around 20 days a year. Or just about my whole annual leave allocation.

Elsewhere in the scootering world, I couldn't help but notice that this is the second time this month that the guys over at ScootRS have gone on about the treatment they're receiving from certain quarters in the UK and USA. It started earlier this month with what can only be described as the most one-sided Q and A session with Martin "Sticky" Round which was then followed by a reply to allegations made by Casa USA on an online forum less than a week ago.

What sort of reply does Randall and his crew expect from Sticky and Casa USA anyway? Ooh, let's all hold hands and sing We are the World?

Seriously, I like ScootRS. I've bought loads of stuff off them (well, maybe not lately with this bleeding recession) and think they're doing a great service to scooterists all around the world but no matter how many forum posts, blogs, emails, etc. Randall sticks up, he'll never change the minds and opinions of certain people.

Maybe some sort of TÜV, Snell, DOT or SIRIM certification might be helpful. Would definitely win over those on-the-fence scooterists and translate into sales.

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