27 January 2010

The future of scooters

While there’s all this talk about LML’s new 4 stroke PX clone being the FUTURE for geared scooters, I would kindly disagree. Forget the LML, in a perfect future (assuming that it would have some gears), this would be my ride!

The JetScooter

I'd probably change the colour on it a bit and throw in a Sito Plus to give it that bit more ummpphh at the lights but other than that it's perfectly fine.

On the other hand, imagine the cost of servicing one of these suckers. Conversations with the local scooter mechanic would sound oddly familiar...

I checked the engines. The warp drive, that’s a hopeless pile of junk! And, if you push those impulse engines too hard in the condition they’re in then they’ll blow apart.

Blow-outs? Yeah, pinching the tube between your rims would be the least of your worries.

Thanks to peanuts23 for the amazing sneak preview into the future!


ebeing said...

those are awesome concepts, thank you for sharing this.

Please visit my website, blog, and forum when you find the time.

SkuterHijau said...

Hey ebeing. No problem & appreciate that you left a comment.

Had a look at your site. There's a relatively new shop in town that sells the Chinese-made electric scooters. Do you do them as well?

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