05 January 2010

Snow and scooters...

It's the new year. 2010. It's still snowing. I realised that a few pics of my scooter in the snow would prove once and for all to the doubters (in this Malaysian online forum, at least) that I'm actually based overseas. Nothing says "overseas" more to the average Malay person than snow.

The wife disagrees. Why don't you just take pics of the scooter on a normal day at some road sign in English or better still, Irish?

Nah, won't work. It's just not the same with snow. No amount of bedak sejuk can make-up for the effect of snow. Road signs can be Photoshop'ed, no problem. But snow. No. Need pics and got them. Quiet African neighbour probably thinks that I'm a crazy Chinaman now. Don't really care. He doesn't have pics of a Vespa in snow. I do. Hah!

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