18 September 2011

Red Card Lane

Heart break lane? Most certainly too. Must've certainly been for Pepe Reina. God only knows when was the last time he let in four in a single match. Maybe none in the League during his time with Liverpool. I vaguely recall once in a Champions League encounter against another London club a few seasons ago but we ended up scoring a couple ourselves. I need to check the stats on that.

White Hart Lane stn platform signage
Today's stats though were like this: 1-0 down and 9 men left. The scoreline at full-time was inevitable. Spurs didn't actually look like they were in the mood for being merciful earlier today.

Was it a referees' conspiracy in response to the King lashing out at their current standards after the Stoke game?

Was it a combination of an ageing/constantly-injured back two combo?

Was it the absence of Stevie Gerrard?

It didn't matter. The result was a bad one and there can be no excuse. Absolutely none.

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azwazis said...

Reminds me of the hodgson era!!

But, the spuds scored 3 when we had only 9 men!!

I'm feeling numb and perhaps a win against Brighton would be a good step. I really hope LFC can win against 'em...

Chip said...

Felt numb yesterday but have recovered since. If you put it into perspective, 1-0 or 4-0, it's still three points lost and nothing more.

Yes, hopefully the Brighton game will be a good morale-booster and sooth some badly bruised egos ahead of the Wolves game at home.

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