14 September 2011

Death of a Glorified Typewriter

My computer is dead. It didn't come as a surprise as it has been on the computer equivalent of life-support machines for a while now. Wires connect the laptop to auxiliary cooling fans underneath it while around it, an array of external hard drives hummed and clicked on command to send much needed data to the laptop. The common mobile phone would have three or four times more storage capacity than my now deceased laptop. That's how old it is.

If it was a human being, it would be like an old age pensioner being forced to work the graveyard shift at an inner city McDonald's.

I tried a couple of years ago to do the right thing and donate the laptop to a charity that collected and sent laptops to schools in less privilleged parts of the world. A sort of retirement home for computers where computers aren't worked hard by their users for viewing live online football or not-so-legally downloading five or six movies at the same time. Unfortunately, even the charity wouldn't accept my kind donation as the laptop was deemed to be potentially harmful to children. Yes, it wasn't only old, it was also considered toxic.

So, maybe it was time for it to go. The computer is dead, long live the iPhone (or possibly Mac?).

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