20 November 2011

Radio Killed the Video Star

On a day when three former Liverpool players in the Chelsea squad looked more likely to score (well, at least on paper) against their former employer, it was ironically, the single former Chelsea player in red who settled things at the Bridge this evening.

This fixture a few seasons ago would have been akin to watching a mind-numbing game of chess with both sides trying their utmost to choke their respective opponents to a premature footballing death. The underlying principle behind both teams being something along the lines of, if the other team can't score, we can't be beaten.

None of that today though. Today, it was as if both Dalglish and Villas-Boas were intent on outscoring each other on the pitch. The result of that was unsurprisingly, the most exciting Chelsea-Liverpool game in ages.

And, the other ironic thing about it is, I didn't get to watch a single live minute of the match. Yes, I followed the whole thing live but without an expensive cable subscription or a decent computer (my old laptop officially died a few weeks ago which also explains my recent blogging hiatus), I had to resort to different means of following Liverpool - good old radio.

Thanks to BBC 5 Live an a random radio app that popped up on the App Store, I managed to hear every minute of the match without any sudden crashes or suffer lengthy waits while the streaming thing buffers. It feels awkward but nice at the same time. Sort of like reading a book where you'd have to picture what you're reading. Not bad I suppose as a last option.

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